How to hire an Adelaide orchestra

How to hire an Adelaide orchestra

How to hire an Adelaide orchestra is not a question you might ask every day, but when you have a concert or a special event coming up, we hope you’ll find these tips helpful.

Firstly, there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to orchestras.

They vary considerably in size; from a small ensemble of, say 14 players, to a full symphony orchestra of 60 or more musicians.

For example, the Adelaide Concert Orchestra is a flexible orchestra that can adapt to a size that meets your performance requirements.

When you hire an Adelaide orchestra you can slice and dice

Our “show orchestra” is a great example of an Adelaide orchestra that can create that “wow factor” in our most prestigous venues.

The size of the Adelaide Concert Orchestra’s “show orchestra” is typically between 24 to 28 players.

This configuration typically includes instruments like flute, oboe, clarinet and/or saxophone, trumpet, trombone, percussion, and strings.

However, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and we’ve had promoters book a few string or brass musicians for their concerts, while other production companies have requested just strings and harp.

It starts with your vision

As a young and vibrant orchestra consisting of a variety of experienced players, we’re more than happy to talk through your needs with you so you get the orchestra that matches your vision.

When you do have a clear idea of a particular orchestration, we’re ready to supply the instruments required in the numbers required.

However, if you’re unsure, rest assured that we have often worked with companies that needed our advice about what orchestra configuration to order to best achieve their vision.

Paying the piper

Once the orchestration has been advised or finalised, the next step is to discuss budgets and quotes.

If we have not been advised of a budget, then we will provide a quote for the size of the orchestra required.

If there is a set budget provided to us, then we calculate the amount payable to the individual musicians.

Individual musicians are engaged for the show or performance and once the orchestra has formed, music, rehearsal, and performance details are emailed to the players.

Then the magic starts happening.

Musicians arrive at rehearsals, opening night approaches, and before you know it, the show or concert is underway and the feedback you’ll get from your audiences will be, dare we say it, music to your ears.

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