Take a look behind-the-scenes at Adelaide Concert Orchestra

The Adelaide Concert Orchestra performs in many different venues with many different collaborators and that means there’s a large variety of challenges that we embrace each week.

On this page, we’re sharing some of the candid and not-so-candid shots from behind-the-scenes, including preparation, rehearsals, back stage moments, and performances.

We hope this gives you a deeper insight into the demanding and satisfying work that goes into each and every performance.

Photo galleries of specific concerts

If you’d like to look at photo galleries of specific concerts, you’ll find them on our Concerts page.

And, of course, if you’d like to be part of this experience, use our Book Us page to explore how the Adelaide Concert Orchestra can work with you on your next big performance or event.

Behind the scenes of Adelaide Concert Orchestra with Graeme Press

Our behind-the-scenes photo gallery

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